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Arlait and K Co, Ltd has released a series of LEDs in a new 3030 housing. The novelty will allow manufacturers of lighting systems to create more efficient and durable lighting products without compromising cost or performance.
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January 2, 2020
From January 15, 2021, for a period of one year, a new certificate of production of our own
production. In comparison with 2020, the range of LEDs has been expanded
own production: LEDs power 0.5 W in a case 2835 s
using one and two crystals. Mastering the production of LEDs
power of 0.5 W opened up great opportunities for their implementation for
manufacturers of LED lamps.
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December 2, 2020
The first shipments of products of our own production were made,
LED strips to the territory of the EU countries. Positive
feedback on the quality of our LED strips and LEDs.
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September 17, 2020
In September 2020, our young, modern plant turned three years old.
One thousand hundred days of intense and fruitful work, thirty-six months for the formation and
training a young and professional team. Three years is the first milestone, at which already
subtotals can be summed up.
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