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Legal and Postal Addresses

Arlait and K Co., Ltd 225003, Republic of Belarus, Brest district, Telminsky s/S, 6D, 1.2 km South-West of the village Haby

Reception:+375 (162) 542626

Sales and Marketing Department:

+375 (162) 431609

+375 (29) 6234770 (Viber) (WhatsApp) (Telegram)

Purchase department:+375 (162) 431607

Accounting: +375 (162) 431605

Details of Arlait and K Co., Ltd.

Arlait and K Co., Ltd.

Director - Kostyukovich Alexander Nikolaevich, acting on the basis of the Charter

UNP 809001271

OKPO 304774611000

Bank details

Benificiary: Arlait and K Co., Ltd

IBAN: BY64TECN30128229900000000010 (BYN)

Open Joint-Stock Company TechnoBank

Minsk, ul. Kropotkina, 44


OKPO 304774611000

Operation mode

Monday Friday:


Assigning the code of the organization developer
Registration as a resident of the FEZ "Brest" on November 23, 2015.
Registration of the Company Arlait and K Ltd November 10, 2015

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