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LED production

A light emitting diode is a reliable, safe, economical and promising source of artificial light.

LED manufacturing Arlait and K Co, Ltd - This is a site with the most modern technology and a high level of automation.

Production of semiconductor case SMD LEDs for lighting and decorative lighting
High quality materials for production from European suppliers
Air cleaning and ventilation system for organization without dusty production
Automated machines and other industrial equipment
Antistatic floor with graphite impurities
The procedure for cleaning the working form in a special air shower with dust-collecting flooring
Grounding equipment, jobs and tools
Highly qualified team of engineers and operators
Multi-level quality control system

LED manufacturing

LED manufacturing

Equipment capabilities
  • The flexibility of the equipment makes it possible to produce LEDs 2835, 3528, 5060, 5730 and other SMD packages.
  • For the production of LEDs are used cases of flexible high-quality plastic and silver-coated copper contacts, which have high conductivity and excellent heat dissipation.
  • Enclosure automatons allow you to install crystals for LEDs of various types: white LEDs, single-color LEDs and RGB.
Equipment capabilities
Gold wire crystal contacts
  • One of the reasons for the reliability and high efficiency of the LEDs Arlight and K Co., Ltd is used for unwelding contacts of crystals of gold wire.
  • The welding of contacts is carried out on multifunctional machines by the method of thermocompression welding.
  • This equipment allows boiling out both under normal conditions and in a nitrogen inert medium.
Gold wire crystal contacts
Production of LEDs in various colors
  • To obtain white LEDs, semiconductor crystals of blue radiation and a multicomponent mixture of phosphor are used.
  • At the site, phosphor mixtures are constantly being developed and compiled for various shades of luminescence and color temperatures.
  • The production technologies of LEDs with color temperatures from 2000 to 20000 K, as well as LEDs with non-standard color shades for special orders, have been mastered.
  • High-quality phosphor components make it possible to achieve a high CRI color rendition rate close to 100.
Production of LEDs in various colors
Heat treatment and drying
  • Products at different stages of production are subjected to technological heat treatment in drying cabinets using seven different temperature profiles.
  • The department of heat treatment and drying is a transfer link between all stages of production and is equipped with an automated computerized system for recording and tracking heat treatment modes.
Heat treatment and drying
Multi-stage quality control system
  • The first stage of quality control is the auto inspection of production machines.
  • The second stage of control is random inspection of products by operators using optical microscopes, strain gauges and dynamometers.
  • The third stage is carried out by specialists from the quality control department and is carried out according to a schedule several times during a work shift.
Многоэтапная система контроля качества
Check and study of the resulting LEDs
  • The separation of LEDs by parameters into BIN groups and the separation of defective products is performed on high-speed automatic meters of optical and electrical parameters.
  • A selective test and study of the resulting LEDs on the laboratory-level measuring equipment is performed.
  • A distinctive feature of the white light emitting diodes & laquo; Arlight and K & raquo; is the color tolerance in the 2-step Mac-Adam ellipse, which makes it impossible to determine with the naked eye the differences in the color of the glow of the LEDs of the same BIN sorting group.
Check and study of the resulting LEDs
LED blistering process
  • Ready-made LEDs are packaged in a blister tape and wound on reels for SMD components, which allows them to be used on high-performance surface-mount sites
  • During the packaging process, LEDs go through repeated measurement of electrical parameters and automatic optical inspection to separate products with mechanical damage and other appearance discrepancies.
LED blistering process
Final packaging of finished products
  • The final packaging of finished products is carried out in an antistatic vacuum bag, which protects the product during storage and transportation over any distance.
  • All accompanying documentation is encrypted and applied to the label to be able to track the production process of each batch of products.
  • LED production site Arlait and K Co, Ltd This is a flexible and high-tech site capable of producing 1.5 million light-emitting diodes per day and guaranteeing the quality level of its products.
Final packaging of finished products